It wasn’t so long ago that Facebook announced their topic-related newsfeed update enabling users to consume more content that is relevant to their interests.

However after hearing feedback from their Facebook community, they noted that users wanted to stay as connected as possible with their friends and family.

Therefore, with this in mind, Facebook recently announced that their updated newsfeed algorithm will ensure that users don’t miss any content posted by their friends and family.

What does this mean for businesses?

Facebook has warned that this may have an effect on page reach and referral traffic. Therefore businesses who are trying to connect with their followers through their Facebook page may see a slight decrease in their overall reach.

As Facebook is one of the largest sites for referral traffic, beating even Google, this change to Facebook’s newsfeed means that businesses may have to rethink their strategy when it comes to reaching their target audiences.

Influencer campaigns are one way in which businesses could increase the reach of their page and still fit in with the recent newsfeed update.