Google confirms no PageRank loss when using 301, 302, or 30x redirects

It has long been understood that 301 redirects or other forms of 30X redirects would cause PageRank dilution on Google.

Back in February, Google’s John Mueller made the announcement that PageRank is no longer lost for 301 or 302 from HTTP/HTTPS, which was largely assumed to be an effort on Google’s part to encourage the adoption of HTTPS by webmasters. In a tweet on the 26th of July however, Google’s Gary Illyes made the simple announcement that “30x redirects don’t lose PageRank anymore.” John Mueller later added that this tweeted wasn’t intended as new information, but instead as concrete confirmation. This means that Google has now stated absolutely that 30X redirects do not lose any PageRank weight.

Download all landing pages from Google Search Console via Analytics Edge

Google Search Console, or GSC, enables users to peruse a wealth of information straight from Google. The Search Analytics report allows webmasters to view which queries their website ranks for and their relevant landing pages. Search Analytics allows users to view queries, pages, devices and countries, all by date, but is limited by the fact you can only download 1,000 URLs. The solution? Analytics Edge.

Analytics Edge is an add-in for Google which works to export landing pages from Google Analytics with ease – all of them. Additionally, users can import pages in bulk. The ability to mass import and export landing pages is especially useful if your site is undergoing a redesign or migration, and looks to be a huge help for webmasters.

Possible for Google Featured Snippets To Be Localised

In recent weeks, several posts across social media sites have noted given examples of times when Google’s featured snippets can be altered depending on the user’s location. In one such example, a user searched ‘ER waiting times’, and was presented with information on their local hospital’s wait times, rather than general information on the subject.

According to Google, this technology isn’t new, however it seems it isn’t currently rolled out to 100% of searches, with test searches proving unsuccessful. It may be the case that the user’s proximity to the service nearby is factored in, or it may be only used for certain kinds of searches. Either way, it’s an impressive and interesting development for featured snippets.