Google switching off instant search

Google are removing the Instant Search feature after 7 years.

Launching in 2010, Google Instant Search served search results to users as they typed their query in the search field.

Google have said that they will be removing this in order to make desktop search more similar to mobile search which does not have this feature.

Google images showing more structured data

Recently Google Image Search has begun showing additional information when viewing individual image results.

This expanded recently to products, showing price and availability when certain items were searched for.

This has now expanded further to videos (showing a watch button) and recipes (showing ingredients, time and yield).

New Google SOS Alerts feature

There is a new Google feature which displays important information about an event which poses a threat to life.

The SOS alerts appear for relevant search queries and display top stories, maps of the affected location, emergency phone numbers and websites.

The data comes from well know response agencies and will provide important information to those in dangerous areas.

Messaging within Google My Business

Google is beginning to roll out a new feature for Google My Business users in the US which allows searchers to message the business directly from search results.

After setting up the service, messages can be received and responded to by the GMB manager via their phone.

Google’s Allo messaging app can be used to simplify this process.