Possible algorithm update on 16 September

There is a possibility, though unconfirmed, that Google pushed a major algorithm update on 16 September.

Search Engine Roundtable published observations of forum chatter around traffic changes, some down over 20%.

There were also clear signs of volatility on the SERP trackers. Google have not made a statement as to what caused this.

Apple devices use Google again

Apple will switch back to using Google for web search within Siri on iOS and Spotlight on Mac.

Search features on Apple devices were changed to use Bing back in 2014. Google and Apple have recently made an estimated $3 billion deal, but this may be separate from that.

While there is an option to change the default search engine used by the Safari address bar, users cannot change Siri’s search engine.

Google local pack “website mentions”

Google is beginning to display a label on local business listings where the business’ website mentions a specific phrase from the user’s search query.

The label is displayed underneath the business information and reads: “Their website mentions [phrase]”.

It was not previously thought that content played a part in local ranking, though this proves that Google can understand if site content is relevant to a business listing’s information.

Edit Google My Business listings on SERPs

Google have added a new feature which allows users who are logged into Google My Business to edit their listings directly from the search results.

Business owners can now manage the main display options when their local listing is displayed in search. This can be triggered by searching for the business name.