Instagram removes Following tab

This week, Instagram has begun to remove its Following tab from the notifications section of the app. Several Twitter users noticed the tab had disappeared before Instagram announced it would be removed permanently to cut down on a feature “most people didn’t know existed.”

The following tab was a feature that users could visit to watch over their friends’ activity, to see who or what they had liked.

The tab was originally intended to help users discover new accounts, brands and hashtags to follow. However, due to many users not knowing the tab existed, Instagram says that the Explore tab should be the place to look to find new accounts and activity.

The tab was also known to impact both friendships and relationships, possibly another reason for Instagram’s removal. Users would often speak of finding their partner liking pictures which they perhaps shouldn’t be. As well as many users being ‘caught-out’ for being active on the app when they claimed to be busy.

A spokesperson for the app said the tab was removed to create simplicity as many people weren’t aware their app activity was visible.

Instagram says the tab is currently being removed worldwide, but it will take the rest of the week to take effect across all accounts.

Pinterest has launched ‘Pinterest Academy’

Also this week, Pinterest has launched a free online education course for marketers on the new Pinterest Academy.

The courses are there to provide a range of lessons and top tips on each of the chosen topics such as creative strategy and building a Pinterest advertising campaign. As well as this, it is there to encourage users to succeed with their Pinterest marketing.

Pinterest is offering five different courses as part of the Academy’s launch, adding an additional four later this month.

The courses currently available on Pinterest Academy are:

  • Pinterest Narrative
  • Creative Strategy
  • Targeting and Buying
  • Creative Inspiration
  • Campaign Objectives

Instagram is refreshing the stories feature

Instagram is changing yet another feature on the app, the stories function is said to be changing soon in order to make creating posts much easier.

The update will see GIFs, stickers and all other story add-ons available from one screen. Instagram has said the new ‘Create’ mode will be packed with more fun, new tools.

The Create feature could help in creating more memorable and engaging stories with the new effects and tools that will be available.

Facebook tests hiding ‘likes’ from posts

Facebook likes are often synonymous with how worthwhile or popular a particular post is. However, due to reported pressures users felt to achieve high like counts, Facebook is looking into hiding likes on all type of posts.

During testing in Australia, users could still see the number of likes and engagements on their own posts, but the number was not displayed publically.

A spokesperson for the app said they are not sure if the test will continue outside of Australia. Adding: “We will gather feedback to understand whether this change will improve people’s experiences.”

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