A Performance-led Programmatic Approach

With over a decade of experience in display we have run campaigns to generate sales, raise brand awareness, and deliver leads. We have done this across every sector imaginable: healthcare, FMCG, auto, retail, finance… Our activity has included one-off campaigns, burst activity, and always-on approaches.

Our approach is always uniquely tailored to the objective and sector:

GOAL-LED – We start with clear, measurable objectives – as simple as revenue, or as complex as in-store sales or brand uplift.

AUDIENCE FIRST – Our planning team work directly with you to identify target audiences, messages and the best routes for reaching them.

OPEN PLANNING – Throughout the planning and buying process we remain totally transparent. All media costs, tracking costs and fees are all shared in full.

AGILE DELIVERY – The power of real-time bidding means all of our campaigns are continually optimised from the moment they launch, leveraging the unique flexibility of programmatic to continually work towards a clearly defined objective.

NEUTRAL APPROACH – Our independent and entirely media neutral approach means all of our decisions are made based on delivering the best performance, and not on maximising our own profits. This means we can easily move budget between different targeting strategies, networks, and even channels. If there is scope to deliver better results in PPC, affiliates, or even radio that’s where we will recommend you put your money.

DATA – LED – All activity is under-pinned by in-depth and insightful reporting adapted to your specific requirements. Reporting is built first and foremost to simply answer the core questions – are we achieving the objective, and how can we further improve performance? All reports are accompanied by clear analysis and recommendations.

Brand Uplift Studies

We can also include brand uplift studies at no additional cost from spend as low as £7k depending on media selection.

These can measure a number of things including ad recall, brand awareness and purchase intent. Data is segmented by frequency, creative, demographics and more to understand the optimum campaign approach. These studies provide an invaluable success metric for any campaigns with an awareness or brand objective.

Targeting Landscape

As an independent agency we have no ties to any specific network or any internal trading desk to support.

Close relationships with all the major networks mean we have a vast array of targeting strategies to choose from, and we have complete flexibility to always work with the best in class.

The most exciting developments are currently around targeting people and not devices or cookies. This means increased targeting accuracy and depth. It also significantly expands what we can do with your 1st party data. We can target your exact customers using your CRM data through social, display and even search campaigns.

Our targeting strategies deliver even greater impact when allied with a smart approach to creative formats. For example, targeting people rather than devices allows us to deliver a sequence of messages very effectively. Our strategic and flexible approach to programmatic display means we can drive users down the conversion funnel.

Creative with impact

At Fusion we believe targeting and creative are equally important in delivering a successful campaign.

We work closely with you to identify the best message, the best creative approach to get that message across, and the best targeting and platform to deliver it.

Every creative format has its own advantages and uses, it’s our job to find the perfect blend for you.

We then either work with your creative agency or our in-house creative team to ensure a perfect fit with the chosen platforms.

We can build rich media, native and many other none-standard formats free of charge with sufficient spend commitment and simply require your brand guidelines and any relevant images.

Standard formats are the bread and butter of digital display. These universal sizes have been around for over a decade but still provide the best value reach. They can work even harder when employed in conjunction with higher impact formats like rich media and video to build your message or frequency.

Rich media, including expandable and embedded video formats, is no longer exclusively the domain of big budget brand campaigns. Changes to the way these formats are bought and delivered programmatically mean we can often incorporate them within direct response campaigns, delivering both impact and results.

Native is the newest kid on the block. The modern version of an advertorial they blend seamlessly with the content that surrounds them. This gives them an extra air of legitimacy and their placement in-stream means they draw 2x more visual focus than traditional formats, as discovered by a recent Nielsen study and clickthrough rates are around 10x higher.

Social is arguably the original incarnation of native. Ads are delivered in-stream in a variety of engaging formats including video, carousels and lead forms. The targeting capabilities made possible through rich user profile data, twinned with engaging creative formats can deliver exceptional results for direct response campaigns.

Video is perhaps the surest way to grab a user’s attention. With up to 60M impressions per day YouTube has scale to match any TV channel but with the targeting power and reporting detail of online, this is just one of many online video routes. The rich targeting, and the option to only pay for engaged views of your ad means we can also engage with a highly specific audience cost-effectively.

MMS is a format with a uniquely personal and one-to-one impact. The requirements are simple with just a small image and some copy, but when done right this has the potential to be the most effective activity on plan.

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