Our Approach to Analytics and Data

As user behaviour and digital marketing activities continue to increase in complexity it is becoming business critical to have robust analytics platforms in place. Here at Fusion Unlimited our appreciation, understanding and use of data is critical to drive business decisions.

Here’s how we approach data:

DATA CLEANING New research from Experian Data Quality shows that inaccurate data has a direct impact on the bottom line of 88% of companies, with the average company losing 12% of its revenue. Our full analytics audit will ensure you are no longer part of that 88%.

AGILE DELIVERY Whatever the analytics platform you have in place, we have the expertise to help you improve your ROI performance with custom implementations. However we’re also here to help connect you with third party data suppliers to ensure you’re getting the data you need.

MULTICHANNEL INTEGRATION We support your growing analytics allowing you to track across devices, combine data sets, incorporate call data and much more.

PROPRIETARY TOOLS Not only do we utilise your existing platforms, CRMs and third party suppliers we also have our own proprietary data tools that collects new information about your existing and potential customers to help inform business decisions.

IN-HOUSE TRAINING Our support can be as hands-on or as consultative as you require. In-house training is a common requirement and this can be delivered for user levels of all sophistications.

Our Experience

We have over a decade of experience across practically every major analytics solution in the market including Google Analytics, Rakuten / DC Storm, Coremetrics, Webtrends and more.

This, allied with our solution-neutral standpoint makes us perfectly placed to help select the right analytics partner for your business, and to help you implement and report on it.

From improving the quality of your data through introducing attribution modelling to improving the understanding of it through the creation of custom dashboards and unique visualisations our goal is always to help you make better decisions with better data.

It goes without saying that our analytical expertise and actionable reporting also comes as standard alongside any managed channel activity.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Optimising performance to achieve improvements in conversion and maximising ROI potential is part of everything we do.

We have extensive experience at improving conversion of inbound traffic, whether we are looking at search, affiliates, display or social media, or the attribution of credit amongst the marketing mix. Just take a look at any of our case studies to see how we do it.

Utilising our optimisation experts, analytics systems and user experience practitioners, we are in a position to get under the skin of your customers and identify any areas of weakness or user journey issues.

We can then provide practical solutions to make significant improvements to these areas, whether that be though A/B testing, multivariate testing or UX recommendations. Our in-house creative teams will work closely with a robust and rigorous testing programme, to deliver exceptional results and maximise conversion potential.

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