Combining technical and creative excellence our SEO team works with many of the biggest brands on the UK high street. Overseeing long-term digital growth across our acclaimed portfolio and ensuring that every site runs at maximum performance, we ensure that organic visibility remains a priority across all digital activity.

PERFORMANCE FOCUS – Whilst a wide range of targets and goals constitute our SEO strategies, we ultimately want to establish your brand as a leader in its field.

We’ll undertake regular health-checks and audits, gauging your online effectiveness whilst taking dynamic steps to ensure we reach our clearly-defined goals.

SPECIALIST TEAMS – At Fusion we’re pros at providing holistic solutions to online success, synergising our various specialist teams to attend to all of your brand’s digital elements.

We’re dexterous and creative, tech-savvy and imaginative. Ours is a complete understanding of the ever-evolving landscape of SEO, forever keeping one step ahead of the game.

CUTTING EDGE SOLUTIONS – We’ve watched Google’s formulas grow, keeping in perfect time as we’ve developed and perfected our own approaches to online success.

We’re an award-winning agency, prized for our expertise, consistently exhibiting a superb, sophisticated comprehension of a field that can so often seem impenetrable, and delivering our results with confidence and clarity, so that you’re kept in the loop on every step of the way.

PROPRIETARY SOFTWARE – We continuously identify new metrics to track and gain insights into enhanced methodologies for monitoring digital performance. To this end we’ve built several tools and applications of our own, receiving award nominations for our historic commitment to search.




PLANNING – Before we adapt your site for digital success, it’s imperative that we attain a clear understanding of your site’s current purpose and functionality. What works? What can be improved? In what new directions can we take your brand, ensuring the highest calibre long-term growth?

CONTEXT – We’ve excelled on a vivid range of accounts, delivering superb results for clients across myriad markets, demonstrating over and over our SEO team’s research strength and intellectual nous.

We’ll explore and analyse the marketplace, finding the most compelling conversations happening in your industry and noting how your competitors participate. Our goal’s to position you at the centre of the action, directing the most meaningful traffic in your direction.

QUALITY CONTENT – We’re technicians and creatives, combining analytic and artistic expertise to create compelling content, fine-tuned for the best possible benefit in search. Over the years we’ve collated an extensive portfolio of award-winning and nominated content, utilising the sophisticated analysis tools outlined above to identify search-rich angles and exciting, fresh opportunities to ensure that your content performs against KPIs.

TECH – From crawlers to customers, content that’s slow to load, has an arduous UX, or is simply out of date, isn’t good for anyone. We diligently and keenly keep up with every development in the field, with engagement forming the heart of our content philosophy: the work we produce must excite its audience and be easily readable, too.

CREATIVE PROMOTION – Once we’ve produced your content, the next step is to get it out there, spreading the word of your words. When you need your work shared by influential figures, it’s about who you know; we use our network of long-lasting relationships with major publications across the web.

PERFORMANCE REPORTING – When content’s making waves on the web, we need to know that they’re reaching the heights we expect. We capitalise on our access to best in class and proprietary software, reporting at agreed intervals on your brand’s digital development and growth, tracking progress dynamically: if we’re not hitting the peaks we anticipated, or if something’s not functioning optimally, we’ll let you know, identify a solution and implement accordingly.

Our SEO work centres around our equally disciplined and responsive philosophy, combining thorough monitoring and action to keep brands boldly arriving at the new heights we’re confident they’ll reach.




In a world where consumers are overwhelmed by marketing communications from companies of all shapes and sizes, we recognise that local voices cut through the noise.

Our SEO strategies place special emphasis on optimising your content for local search intent, using our unique in-house tools like Natural Edge to identify competition and opportunity at a local level.

We manage, maintain and monitor your business’ presence on Google Maps, ensuring that your customers and clients can access location-specific information that’s kept always up to date.

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