We’re a Google Premier Partner with more than 20 years’ experience of building best in class, award-winning PPC campaigns.

CONVERSION FOCUSED – Our PPC strategies are always focused on conversion: sales, appointments, registrations, even calls or store visits. This is delivered based upon a combination of customer and market insights, best in class campaign structure, advanced technology, robust testing and refinement and bespoke analysis and reporting.

INTEGRATED APPROACH – Our paid search teams work hand in hand with our SEO specialists to ensure your brand visibility online is fully optimised. However the collaboration doesn’t stop there. We work alongside our own teams, your other agencies, or your in-house teams to ensure paid search is joined up with your whole marketing mix – sharing data, ensuring creative synergy, leveraging re-marketing segments and sharing planning insights.

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE – An ethos of collaboration extends across our entire business. Every one of our clients benefit from the successes of our account portfolio, and every successful tactic the paid team employ. This is also the reason we don’t work on any competing business. At Fusion Unlimited your insights will never be used to fuel your competitor’s campaigns.

RETAIL EXPERTS – With a strong background in multichannel retail we are particularly skilled at managing large accounts encompassing thousands of products, stock changes, in-store collection, promotional activity, regular price updates and the myriad of other challenges presented by this fast-moving sector. This also contributes to our service-led ethos – whether responding to promotional requirements over the Christmas period, delivering presentations at board-level or simply responding to changes in the market and our client’s requirements.

PROPRIETARY TOOLS – We drive maximum efficiency and performance through the use of custom-built tools. These allow us to dynamically manage shopping campaigns at product-level, activate and deactivate search campaigns based on stock or price changes, create bespoke optimisation strategies and flag account issues. This frees up our time to deliver strategic insight and explore new opportunities.

DATA-LED – Data informs everything that we do. We feel that the reporting and analysis we feed back to our clients is almost as important as the work itself. We work with each of our clients to build a reporting structure that works for their business. This includes automated dashboards, competitor analysis, importing CRM and other 1st party data, and crucially visualising everything in a meaningful way. All of our reports are accompanied by insight that makes sense of the numbers, and gives direction for future activity.




For retailers, Google shopping has developed from a supplementary activity to the main event. We have been closely involved with its evolution: working with Froogle more than 10 years ago; being early adopters of product extensions and later PLAs back in 2010-11; and guiding our retail clients through the transition into a paid model in 2013.

After several years perfecting our approach to shopping activity we developed the Fusion Feed tool to automate much of our activity and enhance our capabilities.

We now see over 50% of Adwords revenue for our retail clients coming through shopping activity.

There are a number of factors instrumental in delivering volume and achieving KPIs in shopping:

Make your feed the best it can be – we work with all of our clients on getting the most out of their feed, and ironing out all of the common issues. This step is often overlooked, but probably the most important success factor.

Get your structure right – you need to balance the complexity of your structure against the time you have available to manage it. Thankfully we have a tool that takes all of the labour out of this so we can focus on creating a highly granular structure, and delivering outstanding results.

Optimise incessantly – shopping campaigns can often be overlooked as the copy never needs updating and they can technically look after themselves. However, if you are not bid managing, segmenting and excluding on a regular basis you are definitely missing out on both volume and ROI. Again much of this is handled by the Fusion Feed tool with a strategic guiding hand from our team.

Know how to recognise success – more than for any other type of activity you need to be able to measure true value for your shopping campaigns. Margins, returns, VAT, delivery costs; all need to be built into your profitability calculations. Fusion Unlimited do this as standard, and we incorporate this into our bidding strategies too.

We have a proven track record of delivering results within Google shopping for multi-channel retailers including Halfords and Lloyds Pharmacy.


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Our mission was to drive valuation bookings through paid search, reducing the reliance on third parties and the old-school methods


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