We believe in machine assistance, combining the best humans with the best technology to offer the greatest strategic solutions for our clients.

For this reason, Leeds is home to our very own research and development team who get a kick out of rolling up their sleeves to solve a problem. We’re keen believers in using AI and software to reach better decisions, quicker. Our specialists and clients strive to drive efficiency and increase visibility through tools and software. If it doesn’t exist, we’ll make it.

For our commitment to innovation, we’ve picked up several award nominations along the way.


Natural Edge

Natural Edge is our SEO share of voice (SOV) tool that allows brands to identify their market share in the most relevant conversations of their field.

Historically, SEO tools have been fairly constrained. They may have shown your ranking for a particular keyword, but wouldn’t identify how it related to traffic. They might have benchmarked your main competitors, but would overlook key brands with whom you’re vying for volume. Whilst many tools looked at keywords, they would never even begin to think about context.

We have developed a platform that plugs those gaps – and give our clients a Natural Edge when developing and benchmarking their SEO, content and link building activity.

See the bigger picture – Natural Edge compares your rankings with your competitors. Our proprietary algorithms determine the relationship between rankings and traffic, and identify what could drive the greatest possible traffic to your site

Determine your true competition – Natural Edge benchmarks your site against all sites ranking on the first page for your target keywords. There will be many brands you’re competing against for the limelight, and we guarantee that there’ll be some you won’t have considered previously.

Identify the drivers of competitor visibility – Some sites rank for dozens of long-tail keywords. Others just rank for a handful of high-volume phrases. Natural Edge shows how your competitors established their market share, revealing what search opportunities they identified and how they benefited from them.

Fine-tune your organic strategy – Natural Edge sheds a new light on your industry. Knowing competitor backlinks – and where your rivals are gaining an extra foot in the door – opens new opportunities for partnerships, whilst discovering the best keywords to target ensures that your brand is always heading in the right direction.

Bespoke reports – Natural Edge creates bespoke reports that are exactly as you like them. Specify each and every keyword and data source for results modelled completely to your needs.

Multiple market coverage – Many brands compete in multiple markets with numerous rivals from various fields. Natural Edge provides unlimited reports for every competitive industry, and identifies what keywords generate local/map results, enabling you to adapt your strategy to gain much greater visibility in local search and a significant advantage over nearby competitors.

Unique KPIs – Natural Edge’s market share and estimated clicks metrics provide clear measures of brand growth over time. Now, it’s easier than ever to report on the performance you’re delivering.

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The fusion Lab

Feed Catalyst

Feed Catalyst allows retailers, indeed any client using a feed, to dynamically manage paid search and other campaign-based activity in line with stock, pricing and promotion changes.

Nominated for ‘Best Search Software Tool‘ in this years UK Search Awards, Feed Catalyst gives our clients complete control over the management of their feeds, increasing visibility, revenue and Margin ROI.

The ability to create custom groupings means you can generate alerts for any campaign you are running – programmatic, social, email, anywhere product availability is key to a campaign’s success. Rather than influencing only a small proportion of your budget you can reduce wastage across your entire PPC account.

Each product within a feed can be mapped to multiple ad groups, and each ad group to multiple products. Rules can be set to highlight when stock levels drop below any threshold you choose, and vary this for each individual area.So you can set rules to pause your Nike ad group when all Nike products are out of stock, or 80% of Nike products are out of stock. You can also pause your discount trainers ad group when 80% of them are out of stock.

But Feed Catalyst isn’t just limited to stock levels. You can also set up price change alerts in the same way. So now you don’t need to remember to pass on the message about that promotion ending, or ensure you pick up on those product-level price changes, because Catalyst will tell you! You can then change your ad copy, adjust your bids, pause your activity or simply demonstrate your SKU-level knowledge of the business to your enthralled colleagues!

Feed Catalyst provides not just a tool for managing your online campaigns, but can also be a valuable asset for ensuring awareness of business-critical pricing and availability changes at a micro-level across your entire organisation.

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