Our Approach to Social Media

The social media landscape is constantly changing, and our team pride themselves on driving innovation to deliver best practice social strategy for some of the UK’s most well-loved brands.

Our approach to social strategy builds on our team’s extensive experience of a varied range of B2B and B2C accounts, mixing our wealth of knowledge with market and audience insights to ensure that our clients stay ahead of the curve.

We understand that social is always changing, and use our unbeatable creative and technical talent to bring brands to life by placing compelling content in the right conversations.

So, just how do we do it?

A COLLABORATIVE APPROACH – We deliver seamless integrated social media marketing that’s both inventive and driven by results, bringing together a mix of individuals with strengths across creative, content and performance.

We understand how social fits into wider marketing strategies, and have a wealth of experience working collaboratively alongside clients and their respective agencies, across varied communication platforms, such as PR, website development, research and creative.

DEFINING PURPOSE – Whether the goal is to build brand awareness, authority or an engaged community of advocates, it’s imperative that the purpose of your brand’s social presence be clearly defined. This forms the basis of our strategic approach, to ensure that all activity ties back to wider business goals.

AUDIENCE UNDERSTANDING – Consumer profiling lets us understand the people behind the profiles: what moves them, motivates them, makes them tick? Social media platforms give users a voice; our suite of social monitoring tools enable us to listen, hearing who is talking about you and identifying perfect moments for engagement. At the heart of every successful social media strategy is audience understanding, creating a compass for guiding channel choice and content.

DEFINE CHANNELS – Social success depends on your ability to reach and develop relationships with your consumers. We utilise sophisticated insights to build presences in the right areas so that you can participate in current conversations and create new ones with your audience.

ENGAGING CONTENT – Let’s face it: content is everywhere. To increasingly distracted consumers, content that’s immersive, engaging and disruptive plays an essential role in capturing attention and imagination. Our strategies revolve around the consumer, and our rich content has let us build genuine, engage communities for our many social clients.

SPECIFIC TARGETING – No social strategy is complete without targeting. We utilise social platforms’ comprehensive targeting to ensure that all of our content resonates. There’s no magic formula, but we keep getting closer to getting it absolutely right!

Social Media Services

We recognise that the need for support hugely varies between projects; it’s why we take a flexible approach to helping you to achieve your business goals. Our team offer varying levels of ongoing or one-off support, from ongoing management to social media audits or strategic consultancy.

REPUTATION AND CRISIS MANAGEMENT – Your reputation and identity lie at the heart of our social strategies. Social media can be a testing environment; so, we carry out careful reputation management, to identify and resolve any potential concerns.

CONTENT CREATION – We’re a creative bunch and love seeing engaging ideas brought to life. Our in-house designers get what your audience are looking for, creating vivid content to drive valuable engagement.

SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING – Whilst we pride ourselves on our history of strong organic results, a little promotion goes a long way. We utilise social advertising to reach targeted audiences, to ensure that the right people in the right place at the right time hear what you have to say.

WORKING WITH INFLUENCERS – In today’s social-sphere, influencers are kind of a big deal. At the core of what we do are the relationships we build; we build on these on your behalf to develop strong brand advocacy, content and sentiment from the influencers we collaborate with.

USER-GENERATED CONTENT – Positive earned media and user-generated content are widely-coveted by brands and marketers alike. We can help drive advocacy through legal and effective UGC strategies.

Measuring and Delivering ROI

As with all aspects of our business, our social media success is driven by results. We deliver best in class social strategy whilst meeting KPIs and optimising for ROI. How, you ask? Read on!

UNDERSTANDING YOUR BUSINESS GOALS – Before embarking on any new project, we ensure that we get under the skin of your business, understanding what you want to achieve and how we can best be of help.

KPIs/ROI – We pride ourselves on the added value we bring to our clients, and always agree a tailored set of KPIs up front, so that we’re able to effectively report back on all social success.

REPORTING & ANALYSIS – The world of social media is dynamic and requires careful ongoing evaluation and analysis. We use comprehensive social reporting tools and dashboards to demonstrate our delivery against set KPIs.

ONGOING OPTIMISATION – What’s key to this field of constant evolution is regular evaluation and testing. We continually adjust our paid and organic activity, keeping our clients always one step ahead.

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