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Whether you’re looking for full programme management, the launch of a brand-new affiliate campaign or the reinvigoration of an existing strategy – Fusion Unlimited’s affiliate team can help you every step of the way.

With over 15 years’ experience of handling affiliate relationships for clients such as Halfords, RBS Group and Lloyds Pharmacy; we understand which publishers will give your business the most effective return.

We can help you future-proof your program by integrating with our private, full-service affiliate platform, powered by Partnerize.

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Our approach

Our affiliate team takes a simple yet effective approach: we can help you to structure, promote and measure programmes, maximising your affiliate revenues.

Long-lasting relationships

We work with the UK’s largest affiliate networks and pride ourselves on the relationships we have built between these networks and our clients to ensure that we gain a consistent competitive advantage.

At Fusion, we enjoy some of the best one-to-one relationships with affiliates across the industry, many of which have existed for almost a decade! What’s more, these relationships grant us the opportunity to secure our clients the best available exposure for the right price. We’re able to gain quick sign off for promotions and confidently turn around any last minute offers.


We will help you to accurately attribute your affiliate revenues within broader attribution models so that you can be confident of your income streams’ incremental gains.

If you have any questions about your existing affiliate programme’s performance or would like some free advice on setting a new programme up, just drop us a line or give us a call.

Our Affiliate network

Within affiliates, we know how important it is to ensure that a programme is being managed to maximise incremental value. Our private network, powered by Partnerize, provides us with a view of reporting and insights that is both granular and transparent; something that most public networks struggle to achieve.

As with many private networks, the main advantage is the ability to easily manage one-on-one relationships with all affiliates, and fully control the programme’s strategy and objectives.

Without the running requirements of a larger network, a private network enjoys far fewer costs; whether that’s savings in commission override or more accurate reporting on payments.

The majority of UK affiliates are already set up on our system, so migration is a doddle. For the few affiliates that are not currently integrated, the process is very simple – we’ll confidently walk them through every step of the way.

For a demo of our network or to find out how easy it is to get set up, just get in touch!

How does affiliate marketing work?

While affiliate marketing may sound complicated, it works on a very simple principle:

  1. Our affiliate partner will promote your product or service on their site. 
  2. If consumers click on your brand’s promotion, they’ll be directed to your website. 
  3. On-site tracking ensures we can monitor which promotions are driving engagement for your site.
  4. If and when a consumer purchases your product or service, the publisher could be paid a commission. 

Check out our award-winning Halfords affiliate case study here, or for more information about our affiliate marketing service, get in touch.

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