Our Approach to Content Marketing Strategy

Our content team help our clients create bespoke ROI-driven content marketing strategies with an audience-first mentality through a simple but effective approach:

CONTENT AUDITING At kickoff meetings we discuss holistic and channel specific objectives for content – from search visibility to social engagement. Working closely alongside our SEO and Social teams we’re then able to ensure content strategy and measurable activity is developed in line with business objectives.

Before we jump into content creation we evaluate your existing business assets, and your competitors’ content to identify gaps and opportunities that will drive results be it rankings, quality traffic or social shares.

Looking at previous successes/failures, audience personas and alongside internal teams and agencies we gather a full understanding of campaign history and resource for future campaign development.

CONTENT CREATION Having an audience-led approach enables us to generate campaign ideas that will drive social interaction, traffic and secure offsite coverage and links to improve organic visibility.

Our content team are well equipped to create outbound and inbound campaign initiatives, working alongside the SEO and paid teams to understand search and consumer behaviour as part of the ideation phase and applying creative flair to attract the attention of external influencers and high-domain authority websites.

We work alongside your internal marketing teams to ensure that all content creation follows your brand ethos and adds value to your business. Our working style is flexible – we can develop the content idea, write the copy and execute the visual or interactive requirements on your behalf.

CONTENT PROMOTION We stand by the age-old statement that creating great content is only half the work, promotion is key to ensuring content is seen by the right audience at the right time. Our team of campaign executives utilise long-standing relationships with bloggers and publishers to secure external coverage. However, our approach to content promotion is a holistic one, ensuring that we also leverage social media where applicable to further reach and raise awareness.

REPORTING How do you know whether something has worked without reviewing the activity? Here at Fusion we set KPIs up front so as to ensure that post-campaign we can report back on our findings to inform future campaigns.

Content Development

We all know content creation is a sure fire way to drive organic results, encourage social media interaction and develop the ever elusive, ‘brand awareness’ amongst latent and prospective customers. But now that content creation for digital success is no longer a secret how do we achieve market standout?

Our content team is passionate about delivering unique content solutions, working alongside our SEO team, our content ideas are based on behavioural insight, utilising our own proprietary tools to ensure that the content we deliver is relevant and personalised.

When it comes to content creation our creative flair comes into play, with innovation at the forefront of mind we’re always exploring new ways to generate and repurpose great content. Our content offering is vast, from search-driven on site page copy to conducting surveys and from social creative, video and GIF to building interactive tools, we create content that sticks.

Working alongside our PR teams, content is promoted through our network of influencers, bloggers and publishers and, ultimately, is seen by the right audience at the right time.

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Measuring Success

When planning upcoming projects, learning from previous campaign performance is key; our attitude towards campaign development is hugely based on learning from previous successes and weaknesses.

Our reporting process is bespoke per client, based on pre-existing KPIs and agreed metrics we’re able to extrapolate data at agreed campaign intervals and on an on-going basis.

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