Google Fact Check Now in Search Results

Google’s fact check schema markup, introduced during the 2016 US elections, is now out in core search and News results.

Google said: “When you conduct a search on Google that returns an authoritative result containing fact checks for one or more public claims, you will see that information clearly on the search results page.”

Any publisher can include the relevant markup on the page but Google will only display it for what it deems to be “authoritative” sources.

Google Test “Suggested Clip” for Video

A new Google feature was seen this month involving the video featured snippets.

For how-to queries, Google may suggest a portion of a video, recognising which section of the video contains the answer to the question. Clicking on the link takes you to the appropriate timestamp.

This feature cannot be replicated consistently, suggesting it is just a test.

Style Ideas and Similar Items in Image Search

Google image search results on mobile and in the Android app now display “similar items” for relevant searches.

Similar items will be displayed for a few types of products that contain Product schema markup on site. This currently only applies handbags, sunglasses and shoes, but the list will be expanding soon.

There is also an upcoming Style Ideas panel which will show similar products for certain clothing searches.

Google Owl Promotes Authoritative Content

A new Google update named Project Owl is designed to promote content with more authority.

This will be specifically beneficial around queries that could show offensive or misleading pages.

This also goes hand in hand with new feedback forms implemented for autocomplete and featured snippets.

“Best” Filter in Maps Pack

Google is beginning to filter the map results for local queries containing the words “best”, “outstanding”, “great”, etc.

When one of these searches is conducted, the 3 map locations are filtered to show only those with a 4-star rating.

This now makes reviews an even more important part of physical business’ local strategy.

15% of Google searches are unique

According to an announcement from Google, 15% of searches conducted by users daily are new and have never been searched before.

Google says that collectively it handles over 2 trillion searches per year in statistics released by them.

This reaffirmation comes after their announcement to provide more legitimate sources with Project Owl.

Google maps reminds you where you parked

Google Maps on Android and iOS can now remind you where you park your car when you set it manually upon arrival at a destination.

On adding the reminder, it is also possible to include a note and a reminder when your meter is close to running out.

Maps on iOS is already capable of automatically setting a parking location when disconnecting from USB audio or bluetooth in a new location.