With more than 1600 pharmacies across the UK, Lloyds Pharmacy is one of the most recognised retail names on the high street.

With more than 150m prescription items dispensed each year, the roll out of e-prescriptions, and continued growth of lloydspharmacy.com OTC sales were all high on the list of digital priorities for Lloyds Pharmacy.

Fusion Unlimited were brought in to improve both online brand visibility  and drive increased scale and ROI margin from lloydspharmacy.com

Our Solution

We reviewed the channel mix from top to bottom and implemented a number of significant changes:

  • Reporting – the first step was to improve the depth of the reporting and build in category-level margin information to give greater visibility over true performance.
  • Product – the improved data view enabled us to strip out poor performing categories whilst identifying high-margin, competitively-priced products to test as potential new areas of opportunity.

Alongside this we were able to further reduce reliance on core lines by fully leveraging weekly and monthly deals. This was made possible through a close relationship with the merchandising team as well as efficient automated processes.

  • Search copy – we greatly increased the relevance and variety of ad copy making copy much more tailored to each product area; implementing detailed sitelinks and callout extensions; incorporating delivery messaging and A/B testing a number of different variants.
  • Affiliate marketing – the affiliate marketing programme was relaunched with direct engagement with key publishers.



The Results

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