We’re delighted to welcome George Bonelle to our SEO team! George joins team Fusion with three years experience in digital and is set to play a key role in helping our Organic Search team onboard some amazing new clients.

I sat down with our newest team member to find out where they’ve come from, where they’re headed, and everything in between…


Welcome to the team, George! We’re all delighted to have you here. What are you most looking forward to about the role?

Thanks, it’s a pleasure to be here! I’m just really looking forward to getting going, learning as much as I can from the great team here and becoming a valued member of the Fusion team. 


What attracted you to joining Fusion in the first place?

I’d say the wide variety of clients was a key factor. I really wanted to expose myself to working with a number of different brands and the different challenges that brings, so I can continue to keep learning and growing as an SEO.


You’ve been in marketing for a few years now. What’s your favourite part about the role?

I love the fact that success can be tracked. It provides great satisfaction seeing initial ideas come to fruition and even surpass expectations.


And what’s your favourite part about SEO in particular?

It’s great that SEO is always evolving, with industry trends and changes always keeping you on your toes. What’s great for those starting out is that inexperience in years isn’t always the disadvantage it can be in other industries.


What are you looking forward to bringing to the team?

I’ll hopefully bring fresh ideas and a new perspective from my previous experience, along with lots of hard work to get up to speed as quickly as possible!


How do you see SEO developing over the next year?

With the upcoming Page Experience update, there’ll of course be a need to prioritise Core Web Vitals and other UX focused metrics. That said, I guess that’s what’s so intriguing about SEO – you never really know what’s around the corner! But I’m confident we’ll be prepared for whatever comes.

Right, let’s get to know the real George…

Favourite marketing campaign?

Budweiser: King of Beers. Flipping the bottle cap to look like a crown. Simple but effective. Although, it’s still not my choice of larger.


App you couldn’t live without?

YouTube, there’s always just that one more video to watch.. next thing you know it’s 1am!


We put you in charge of the Sonos – what are your top 3 picks?

Steve Miller Band – The Joker

Oasis – She’s Electric

Mac Miller – Ladders


Dream Client?

Leeds United!!


Favourite film?

Happy Gilmore


Death row meal?

Pizza, any topping bar pineapple.


Interesting fact about you?

I worked in America for a year as a golf caddy.


And finally, if you weren’t in marketing?

Most likely still chasing golf balls down the fairway (or into the trees).


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