Our first hire of 2021 is Jonny Tushingham, who has come on board to boost our paid media offering. After working with some huge brands including Euro Car Parts, Park Leisure and Carphone Warehouse, we can’t wait to see what Jonny brings to the team.

I sat down with our newest recruit to learn where they’ve come from, where they’re headed, and what they’ll be bringing to team Fusion!


Welcome to the team, Jonny! What are you most looking forward to about life here at Fusion?

As cliché as it sounds, I’m really looking forward to meeting & working alongside the Fusion team. People are always the key to any good agency and I can’t wait to properly collaborate with everyone, hopefully in person in the not-to-distant future!

What attracted you to Fusion in the first place?

Fusion represented a fantastic opportunity to work within a smaller, more close-knit agency that shared my view of working with clients directly – everything I was looking for in an agency. Add to that an ambitious and convivial atmosphere and the choice was easy to put my name forward to join the team.

You’ve been in paid media l for a few years now, what’s your favourite part about the role?

I really enjoy the collaboration involved within a paid media role, whether it be internally, with clients or even suppliers like Google & Bing – which is handy for such a dynamic and fast moving industry.

What are you excited to bring to the team?

I’m looking forward to bringing a new approach to paid media to the team, mixing past experience with Fusion’s best practices, whilst supporting the team with positive and proactive thinking.

Where do you see paid media in the next 12 months?

With Google’s steady increase in automation, I can see much of paid media’s day-to-day tasks making way for larger, more influential strategy work. I feel this shift will provide companies & agencies with smaller levels of resource an opportunity to reach out and service more clients.

Right, let’s get to know the real Jonny…

Favourite marketing campaign?

I really like Go-Pro marketing campaigns, especially the “Be a Hero” campaign. By using user-generated content Go-Pro are repeatedly able to engage with users on social platforms using an almost endless amount of inspiring video & picture assets, all provided for them!

App you couldn’t live without?

Definitely Whatsapp. Being able to easily stay in touch with friends and family (especially during a pandemic) has been essential.

We put you in charge of the Sonos on your first day – what are your top 3 picks?

Fleet Foxes – Third of May
Kendrick Lamar – How Much A Dollar Cost
Radiohead – Paranoid Android

(I hope these picks don’t affect the success of my probation period…)

Dream Client?

Wolverhampton Wanderers – an easy answer

Favourite film?

No Country For Old Men – Just perfect

Death row meal?

My life mission is to find the perfect pizza. Once I find it, it’ll be that.

Interesting fact about you?

I’m a twin. A slightly worse version of myself is roaming around somewhere in the world.

And finally, if you weren’t in marketing?

Ideally? Running a trendy coffee shop somewhere warm
Realistically? Working in financial services.