We’re delighted to welcome Tom Harrison to the Fusion team, who has joined our paid media division as Senior Account Executive. Tom brings with him five years of in-house experience with global healthcare brand Medacs. After bringing some amazing new clients on board in 2021, we’re really excited for what Tom will add to our paid offering.

I sat down with our newest recruit to learn where they’ve come from, where they’re headed, and what they’ll be looking to bring to the team!


Welcome to the team, Tom! What are you most looking forward to about the role?

This is actually my first agency role, so I’m really excited to work with the rest of the Fusion team and learn as much as I can from them all!


What attracted you to Fusion in the first place?

The role was a perfect fit for me. Seeing the accolades and awards Fusion has won recently, as well as the size of clients and the culture within the teams, I knew Fusion would be a great first agency for me.


You’ve been in marketing for a few years now, albeit sitting on the other side of the table! What’s your favourite part about the role?

I do love seeing a campaign that has been made from scratch perform well and meeting the objectives set out right at the beginning.

What are you excited to bring to the team?

I’m looking forward to supporting the team the best I can every day with a positive approach, bringing some fresh new ideas to the table.


Where do you see paid media in the next 12 months?

I see automation coming to the forefront a lot more.. As a fast-paced agency with so many campaigns to oversee, looking closer to home I really believe automation will allow us marketers the time and space to think and strategise more. 


Let’s get to know the real Tom..


Favourite marketing campaign?

I really liked the Nike campaign from 2020, ‘You Can’t Stop Us’, and how the campaign video was made and edited as well, it was very inspiring.


App you couldn’t live without?

Instagram – too much good content on it.


We put you in charge of the Sonos – what are your top 3 picks?

A Tribe Called Quest – Jazz (We’ve Got)

King Krule – Biscuit Town

Roy Davis Jr. & Peven Everett – Gabriel


Dream Client?

Nottingham Forest


Favourite film?

The Departed


Death row meal?

Any pizza will be enough for me.


Interesting fact about you?

I travelled across Italy for a few months – take me back!


If you weren’t in marketing?

A DJ living somewhere warm (we can all dream).