Google’s October 2022 Spam Update

After only a month since Google rolled out the September 2022 Core update, it has released yet another update on the 19th October called the 2022 spam update. This comes just 11 months after the previous spam update.

What is the spam update?

Every so often, Google makes small changes to its AI-based spam prevention system, SpamBrain, for it to be able to detect spammers (or low-quality websites) within search results.

In short, the spam updates target sites that violate specific guidelines.

As far as we know, this spam update predominantly impacted websites that have automatically generated content, created through various tactics. However, Google did not implicitly say if the update was related to a specific area, i.e., content, links, or other forms of spam.

The update is global, affects all languages, and took around several days to a week to fully complete.

Here is the Google Search Central tweet announcing the update:

What impact will the spam update have on sites?

Even if you’re not actively using spam tactics, Google will identify low-quality content too. The search engine attempts to show the best possible results to users, meaning if you are creating poor content your website could be impacted.

Therefore, if you noticed significant changes in rankings or traffic from your site’s organic search results, you might want to investigate this further.

What do we know about the Google 2022 spam update?

Below is a summary covering what we know from the October 2022 spam update:

  • Update name: Google October 2022 Spam Update.
  • Date launched: October 19, 2022.
  • Rollout duration: Several days to a week for a full rollout.
  • Purpose of update: To improve Google’s spam detection techniques – “sites that violate our policies may rank lower in results or not appear in results at all”, Google said.
  • Who it will penalise: Sites adopting spam techniques that violate Google’s spam policies.
  • Location: The update is global and impacts all regions and languages.
  • What to do if impacted: Review content on the site to ensure no pages violate Google’s spam policies.
  • Recovery: Once a site is hit, it could take a few months to recover from the update.


The key takeaway from this update is that Google is looking to provide users with the most relevant information from reputable sites. This change looks to further improve user experience on the search engine results page, which should ultimately benefit searchers, retailers, and advertisers. If you are creating high-quality content that provides value to users, then this update shouldn’t be anything to worry about, but it is still good to be aware of.


If your site has been impacted by the recent spam update, Fusion Unlimited has the knowledge and experience needed to help. We can also ensure your site is prepared to tackle any core algorithm updates or product review updates.

Get in touch with us today if you need assistance in overcoming the impacts of the October 2022 Spam Update, or if you’re looking to supercharge your SEO strategy.


Fusion Unlimited is thrilled to announce the welcoming of 3 new members to join our Board of Directors. Although they’re new to the role, they’re no stranger to life at Fusion with a combined 48 years of experience at the agency between them. We’ve caught up with Kyle, Katie and Craig to find out more about their plans for the agency moving forward.


The UK’s digital marketing agency space is highly competitive and saturated, with thousands of agencies competing for client contracts. Conglomerates and multinationals often have an edge, but our Leeds-based digital marketing agency Fusion Unlimited has worked hard over the last 24 years to prove that independent agencies can still lead and shape the market.

Now, with a client portfolio including household brands such as Halfords, the NatWest Banking Group and The University of Leeds, the agency has been named a Google Premier Partner for the 6th year running – placing Fusion in the top 3% of digital agencies in the UK.

What, though, is our secret to standing out as an independent agency? Being mindful that people are at the heart of the business. That’s why Fusion is announcing a company restructure to remain competitive and future-proof the business.


The first strategic change will see three long-standing members of our team join the Board of Directors.

Kyle Brogan and Katie Harling will be stepping up as Joint Managing Directors, whilst Craig Broadbent will become the agency’s first Operations Director. Kyle and Katie joined the agency over 14 and 19 years ago respectively as placement students, with Craig joining in 2007.

The trio will continue working with the current Managing Director, Mark Curtis, who will be taking on a new role as Managing Partner.

Kyle Brogan said, “Katie, Craig and I are so excited about our new roles. We’ve seen Fusion grow and adapt to an ever-changing industry and we’re thrilled to be leading its next chapter.”

Katie Harling reflects, “To think that when I accepted my first job out of University at Fusion, that I’d still be here 19 years on and now Joint Managing Director, is a testament to what an amazing place it is to work!”

The new senior leadership trio recognise employee retention as a key driver of success for the business, and are committed to making Fusion a great place to work and a business that amplifies the careers of junior staff.


As a legacy agency with 25 years’ worth of rich culture, it’s essential to Fusion that our agency remains dynamic and equipped to navigate the nuances of modern working life. That’s why Katie, Kyle and Craig are introducing the following cultural objectives:

  • Implement sustainable practices

In Craig’s words, “We want to continue and super charge the work we’ve started on sustainability across the agency; employing third parties to review and scrutinise our current business practices and put measures in place to hit our sustainability goals.”

  • Maintaining diversity

Fusion has a track record of recruiting employees from around the globe, and its growth practices will continue to be mindful of diversity and inclusion; ensuring equal opportunities for all within the hiring process. If you’re interested in joining the team, check out our current job vacancies.

  • Ways of working

Finally, the business aims to define a culture that is fresh and adapts to the changing world we find ourselves in; including embracing hybrid and flexible working patterns, as well maintaining an open and safe working environment for those that wish to head into the office. 


Kyle says, “We don’t just want to ‘get back to the way things were’, we want to define a new culture that works primarily for our people; enabling them to be productive and happy – as we continue to compete against the industry giants and prove that independent agencies with the right expertise, people, and values can remain at the forefront of industry knowledge.”

Mark Curtis founded Fusion Unlimited when the digital marketing landscape was almost unrecognisable compared to how it looks today. After almost 25 years at the helm, Mark is taking a slight step back from the day-to-day running of Fusion, but he will remain firmly involved in the business that he founded back in 1997.  

To stay up to date with the latest cultural developments, sustainable initiatives, and market insights – check out our latest blog posts.